Kishka Turns 1!!!!

Join us for a sprawling group exhibition to celebrate Kishka’s first year of existence!!! Each work has been donated by an artist and is up for bidding by silent auction through the end of June. Pieces can be seen and bid on Instagram:

Participating artists include Megan Bogonovich, Matt Bucy, Michael Caines, Jennifer Caviola, Rona Lee Cohen, C. M. Duffy, Joan Feierabend, Ben Finer, Chad Finer, Jana Flynn, Coco Fox, Andy Gabrysiak, Betsey Garand, Brenda Garand, Aleks Garin, Emily Gherard, Max Gleason, Glenn Goldberg, Langdon Graves, Juliana Jaramillo, Jesse Martin, Stephen Marcus, Lucy Mink, Rebecca Morgan, Joan Morris, Yuko Nishikawa, Leda Nutting, Untitled Queen, Kevin Reilly, Celia Reisman, Adrienne Reynolds, Bryan Rogers, Tim Swope, Esmé Thompson, Tomoe Tsutsumi, Dave Zackin, and Leda Zawacki.

Silent Auction Guidelines:

  • Bids are accepted only in the comments section on Instagram If you don’t have an Instagram account, please contact Kishka and we’ll enter a bid in your name.
  • All proceeds benefit programming at Kishka Gallery and Library, a non-profit art space in White River Junction, Vermont.
  • Bidding starts at 5pm ET on Friday, June 3, and ends at 8pm ET on Sunday, June 26. Highest bidder at 8pm ET on Sunday, June 26 wins.
  • Payments will be accepted by cash, credit card, and Paypal. Bidder pays sales tax and shipping fees.
  • Artwork will be available to pick up starting Monday, June 27 by appointment. Pieces will be shipped the week of July 4–8.
  • Watch the comment sections, and place your bids. Good luck!