Big Bear

Friday, April 5 - Saturday, June 1

Artist Statement

I focused on the location of the show, which would take place in Vermont, knowing that I would be drawing for this show and that my drawings for the past year have mostly been about animals. So I thought about which wild animal abounds in Vermont, and it's bears. Therefore, I chose the bear as a guide to create these drawings. Additionally, the word "bear" or "to bear" has another meaning that resonates deeply with me due to the programs recorded in my subconscious, because of the family and social dynamics I've been exposed to – programs I'd like to deprogram from my mind.

"To bear" means to endure or tolerate something, to carry or support a weight or burden, both physically and metaphorically.

The representation of a bear, lion, or other powerful wild animal, such as tigers or leopards, symbolizes the strength within me, which is with me, protects me, and accompanies me. It's something I should unconditionally trust in. So for me, these drawings speak of the innerstrength we all possess, which protects us and the importance of knowing that we have that power to protect ourselves and that we shouldn't tolerate or bear anything that doesn't align with our divinity. Connecting with nature, with the earth, animals, and everything around me, is the most important thing to me as a human being, and it's something very pure that I rediscover within myself every time I sit down to draw and create drawings like these.

-- Amalia Angulo


Amalia Angulo born in Havana, Cuba in 1980. Her father is a sculptor and her mother is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and painter.

Angulo left Cuba in 1994 for the Dominican Republic where she lived for 20 years. Angulo graduated from Altos the Chavón, School of Design in the Dominican Republic. Altos de Chavón is affiliated with Parsons, NY.

In 2017 Angulo moved to the United States and currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley area.