Amanda Martinez

Mutable Construct

May 6 - May 29

Artist Statement

As a sculptor I am interested in exploring our relationship with the built environment, using apluralistic approach to challenge notions of boundaries and binaries. I utilize a mixture of natural andartificial materials with a capacity for change or transformation that are typically used for utilitarianpurposes. I manipulate these materials with a mixture of purchased and handmade tools as well asapproaches historically associated with both sculpture and craft, in order to question their sethierarchies and how they relate to our perception of place, value and class.

My carvings start with a focused rhythm and grow through a self-determined, generative accumulation, using a visual language that is both personal and formal; distinctly informed by myheritage and experience of that heritage. They recall architecture, stelae and artifacts from the pastwhile simultaneously looking ahead to an unknown future; employing repetition to emphasize the laborand continuous presence of the hand.