Denver Ferguson

Denver in December
December 1 - December 30

Denver Ferguson (b.1985, St. Lucia) came to the Upper Valley (central Vermont and New Hampshire) from the US Virgin Islands following the devastation caused by Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017. Living in a new place and reeling from environmental exile, he began drawing as a way to alleviate culture shock and anxiety.

The pieces Ferguson created have become the basis of an incredible series. These works have been mostly executed during quiet moments at his job as a cashier at the Upper Valley Co-op in White River Junction, Vermont. Ferguson’s artistic background is entirely self-directed, mining an active imagination and pulling influence from sources as wide ranging as Caribbean / Yoruba culture, 20th century science fiction, and contemporary comic book characters.

Many of Ferguson’s drawings are made on scrap paper provided by the grocery for a cashier to use throughout the work day. Taking notice of Ferguson’s atypical art practice, customers began to drop off gifts of drawing materials which have helped to expand his creative vision. Kishka Gallery’s booth at the Outsider Art Fair is Ferguson’s first formal art exhibit. Denver currently lives with his girlfriend in Lebanon, New Hampshire.