June Gutman

(b. Montreal, Canada)

June Gutman is a Jewish, self taught artist living in Montreal, Canada. Gutman’s artwork ranges in style, media, and subject matter becoming a vibrant forum for her to explore ideas about psychology, art history, self knowledege, and the ways “mental illness” - as defined by mainstream psychiatry - has caused her personal harm. 

Gutman is an unbeleivably prolific artist who’s work may be best defined by its focus on “The Terror” - a haunting psychological state that can produce a nightmarish sensation akin to pschedelia or mystical transcendentalism. Through her work, she attempts to relieve the pain of this “Unreality” while also exploring the opaque nature of thought and the human mind.

Intuitive yet focused, horrible yet humorous, Gutman ventures into the deep recesses of the psyche finding delicate connections wedged in its corners like an archeologist dusting through the layers of a palimpsest. References run through art history with ventures into pop culture and even extraterrastrial beings. Works give the uncanny sensation of being anachronistic, complex, and radically unique.