(b. Bennington, Vermont)

Megan Bogonovich received her Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Montana with a concentration in Ceramics in 2003. She studied painting and drawing at The Maryland Institute College of Art, receiving her BFA in 1999.

Megan Bogonovich draws her aesthetic from the natural world, yet not one recognizable outdoors. Her lavish, wild, lascivious botanicals are a nature produced in the recesses of her mind rather than the garden or forests. At times her work reads as alien, like a flora found sprouting under the sulfur-rich rains of Venus. In other moments, pieces connect to a humanness reflected in the natural world with phallus and mammorial curves embedded just under the lush vegetation. Bogonovich presents sex as a technical, even aesthetic facet with blossoms nestling bodily details among the fecundity of a stubborn weed. The sheer pleasure of these works may include a hint of critique as a world of imaginary nature calls caution to a future world of nature imagined.

In 2008, Megan received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Megan Bogonovich currently lives in Vermont with her husband and daughter.