Paige Beeber

Topographical Dissidence

July 7 - July 29

Paige Beeber aims to celebrate the profound significance of small, diligent acts of making and repairing, which have historically been gendered feminine. Ina world often enamored by gratuitous acts of violence, she seeks to unveil the hidden heroism and romance inherent in these seemingly modest endeavors.Drawing inspiration from the meticulous artistry of weaving and needlepoint, Beeber’s artwork becomes a tapestry of delicate gestures, intertwined to form a larger fabric of meaning. Each mark on the canvas represents a deliberate, intentional act—a stitch that holds the threads of our existence together.

These seemingly humble actions, often overlooked, embody a powerful force capable of mending and restoring. In the gentle interplay of lines and shapes, she invites the viewer to contemplate the transformative potential of these gendered feminine acts. Through the repetition of patterns, she evokes a sense of rhythm and harmony, mirroring the rhythmic cadence of life's daily tasks. Just as each thread is carefully interwoven to create a coherent whole, so too are the small, diligent acts of making and repairing capable of shaping and defining our world.

By elevating these traditionally undervalued actions, Beeber aims to challenge societalnorms and redefine notions of heroism and romance. In a society often preoccupied with violent and sensational narratives, Beeber offers an alternative perspective—one that celebrates the resilience and strength found in the quiet, persistent gestures ofeveryday life. It is through these humble acts that we truly embody the spirit of heroism, exhibiting the unwavering dedication and commitment required for genuine transformation.

Paige Beeber received her BFA from Alfred University in 2015. Soon after graduation she relocated to New York City where her work has garnered her recognition through solo exhibitions at Sweet Lorraine Gallery in 2018, Arts+Leisure in 2020, SARP Gallery in Sicily in 2021, and Freight+Volume in 2021 and 2023. Beeber’s paintings have also been shown nationally and internationally in group exhibitions such as: the Walt Whitman Museum in 2011, Velvet Ropes, Soulland, Copenhagen in 2019, SRISA Gallery, Florence, Italy in 2014, Thierry Goldberg in 2021, and Hollis Taggart, Southport.